Dad goes missing

Eagle named W with chick

Some of you may have noticed that the male (W) has not been seen of late. We can confirm that he has been away from the nest for the last three days. While unusual for the male to disappear while there is a chick in the nest it can happen, as Dave Sexton (RSPB Scotland) told us. "In the past, we've had males go missing during the breeding season. It could be for all sorts of reasons but being paired...

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Younger chick dies

White Tailed Eagles Nesting

Sad news: unfortunately the younger of the two eagle chicks didn't survive Wednesday night. The little chick had been struggling for a few days so we had started supplementary feeding and were hopeful that s/he would make it. The chick was still alive at 5:30pm on Wednesday, but the cold, wet weather that evening was probably the final straw. Dr Allan Mee, who manages the White-tailed Sea Eagle Reintroduction Programme said, “It's always disappointing and sad to lose a chick,...

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