Love This Place, Leave No Trace

Love this place, leave no trace poster

National Litter Awareness Campaign: We're always delighted by how much the vast majority of visitors to Glengarriff Woods respect this beautiful place. However, this is just a reminder to be vigilant and make sure you don't drop any litter including tissues, wet wipes, masks, etc. Read more about the National Awareness Campaign recently launched to promote responsible behaviour outdoors to combat an increase in littering nationally. #lovethisplace #leavenotrace

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Name the eaglet

Eagle having been tagged

Name the Glengarriff white-tailed eagle chick! Having been watched by thousands of people on our live EagleCam for 11 weeks, the Glengarriff white-tailed eagle chick fledged a month ago - and we are now looking for YOU to name her! The eagle chick is doing well and flying confidently, recently making her first trip to the mainland - her longest flight yet of around 2km. The chick’s mother was one of 100 chicks brought from Norway between 2007 and 2011...

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