Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve
Co Cork
Tel: + 353 27 63636

Glengarriff Nature Reserve

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is responsible for the conservation and protection of Ireland’s natural heritage.  Under the terms of the Wildlife Act 1976 and the Habitat Regulations, it has established a country-wide network of Nature Reserves, Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and Natural Heritage Areas (NHAs).

Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve was designated in 1991 and is managed and owned by NPWS.  The staff based in the Nature Reserve includes a Conservation Ranger and three General Operatives.

Getting Here

The entrance to Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve is located approximately 1km from Glengarriff village, Co. Cork, on the Kenmare Road (N17). The Nature Reserve features a range of walking trails and picnic areas.  There are no toilet facilities.


Admission to the Nature Reserve is free and the Reserve is open every day throughout the year.

Maps & Guidebook

There is a leaflets with information about Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve: Walking trails in Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve (describes five walks).  The leaflet is available from the Tourist Offices in Glengarriff or from a leaflet box in the Nature Reserve car park or here to download -> Glengarrif Walking Trails Leaflet


The climate of Glengarriff is heavily influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic and the Gulf stream.  The warm ocean currents tend to bring relatively mild, damp weather to the south-west.  Frost is rare, the mean daily air temperature is 10.5°C and the average rainfall is in the region of 2000mm/annum.

Code of Conduct

  • Please remove all litter from the Nature Reserve
  • Please do not pick flowers or damage plants.  Leave them for others to enjoy.
  • Please keep your dogs firmly under control.  Their scent will scare wildlife and reduce your chance of seeing animals.
  • Please do not disturb or injure any animal or bird.  Wildlife is strictly protected.
  • Please do not light fire.  A fire is easily lit, but much harder to put out once it is out of control.
  • Please do not ride bicycles or horses on the footpaths.  This is to ensure the safety of pedestrians.